Walk Information


The club has a wide variety of walks on the club programme ranging from short local Friday evening walks in the summer to all day walks on Sunday. As well as local walks, areas visited include the Cotswolds and the Peak District. The walk grades vary from easy, through moderate to strenuous. Below we explain how you might join our walks and give some thoughts as to what you need to bring, as well as spelling out our club rules.

Types of Walk

The main walks programme consists of weekday walks on Wednesday, half-day walks on Saturdays and all-day walks on Sundays. In addition, other occasional mid-week walks are organised, usually on an informal basis between members. Wherever possible these are publicised in the club programme.

Prior warning is not required if you wish to join a walk, you can just turn up. Initial meeting places are listed in the club programme and in the walks section on this web-site.

What do you need to come on a walk?

Good strong walking boots or shoes, trainers are OK during the summer months, but walking boots are preferable for support, protection and grip, especially in the winter. A waterproof coat is essential; it does rain sometimes!

You will need some warm clothing, several thin layers are more effective. Always remember to carry an extra jumper or something similar for when you stop, even in the height of summer you can feel the cooler air if you have been sweating. A small personal first aid kit is a must, plus any medication you may require. You cannot rely on someone else having the necessary supplies.

Food and drink. Food, only you know how much you need, but always ensure you are carrying ample liquid. Most people carry either coffee, tea or soup in the winter, often changing to cold liquids in the summer. This is when it is particularly important as it is very easy to become dehydrated. (This does happen so please take heed). A small rucksack will easily hold your food, drinks and spare clothing.

Do I need to tell the leader in advance that I wish to go on a walk?

No, prior warning is not required if you wish to join a walk, you can turn up as and when you wish. The club programme will identify the occasional walks where it is essential to pre-book, these are usually our coach rambles.

Meeting places

The club uses several meeting places for club walks depending upon the time and the day. These are identified on the programme. If you are not familiar with them please take a look at our maps of their locations which are accessable from our walks menu. Some people ask the leader for details of the start of the walk and opt to go directly there. This is not recommended, as arrangements may have to be altered at the last minute. Anyone going straight to the start of the walk does so on the understanding that they may not be able to be notified of any late changes. The time stated is the departure time from the meeting place. You should arrive at least five minutes or so earlier so that that you can sign a list of walkers and receive any necessary instructions from the leader.

How do I get from the meeting place to the start of the walk?

We encourage everyone to make their cars available for use if needed. However, to make it less embarrassing for everyone involved you will see a travel cost on the programme. This is the recommended amount a passenger should offer the driver for their lift, if they prefer not to drive or do not have their own transport. We do encourage people to travel together to minimise the number of cars parking at the destination.

Grades of Walk

The club publishes an approximate mileage and a grade for each walk. The grades are as follows:

E - Easy. Generally flat walks but may occasionally include a short gradual uphill section.

M - Moderate. This will include some undulations, which may occasionally be steep. Long walks may also attract M grading.

S - Strenuous. This is a serious walk, which will include some hills and possibly rough terrain. The walk may also involve some considerable total ascent over the day. Members not sure of their capabilities for this type of walk should contact both the club and the walk leader for more specific information.

These grades are subjective and relate to the severity of a normal club walk. They are given as a rough guide only. The club has very few strenuous walks and additional information will always be given in advance when available, such as total ascent on the day. The total ascent is the total amount of uphill walking on the whole of the route, and not the highest point reached.

Mileage is also approximate, as at the time the programme has been printed it is possible that some walks have not been checked, so there may be some late adjustments. The walk leaders will always be able to give more accurate information a fews days prior to the walk.

Saturday walks

Saturday walks vary between five and approximately seven miles and are usually graded easy i.e. the terrain is often flat, but they may include some gradual uphill sections. Walks either start in Nuneaton or within easy travelling distance from the town.

Most Saturday walks start early afternoon, between 12.30pm and 2.00pm, depending upon the season of the year and the distance being travelled to the start of the walk. Very occasionally the walk will be during the morning.

Sat walks, although ideal for newcomers to the club, or walking, as they are usually at a leisurely pace, are equally well supported by existing members who prefer a shorter distance or cannot commit themselves to an all-day walk on Sundays.

Very occasionally circumstances relating to the arrangement of the club programme dictate the all-day walk will be on a Saturday rather than Sunday.

The walks programme sometimes contains the sections of the Heart of England Way, the Centenary Way or the Leicestershire Round that are within reasonable travelling distance.

The club uses a variety of meeting places for walks, picked for ease of car parking and access.

Sunday Walks

Sunday walks are all day and vary between 8 and about 12 miles according to the season of the year, the grade of the walk and the distance being travelled to the start of the walk. Usually the walk will be at least 10 miles. The walk grades vary between easy and moderate, only occasionally is there a strenuous walk. Additional details are usually published in the programme about the strenuous walks.

If you are not sure about your walking abilities in relation to the club walks, please discuss these in advance with the club. It may be better that you try a few shorter walks on Saturdays before attempting a Sunday walk.

The Sunday walks programme usually involves more travelling to the start of the walk than on Saturdays. Areas visited include the Cotswolds and the Peak District. Some walks may involve a late return to Nuneaton. If you have an early evening commitment please check with the walk leader in advance to get some idea of the return time.

The club uses a variety of meeting places for walks, picked for ease of car parking and access.

Wednesday Walks

Walks are usually arranged for most Wednesday mornings. The meeting place for these walks is usually the Car Park at the rear of Nuneaton Boys Club, opposite the Pingles, at 9.30 am, but please check the walks programme pages for details. Most walks are graded easy and are between 5 and 7 miles, although on occasions there will be longer and, perhaps, moderate grade, walks.

Most walks conclude by lunchtime, with the majority of them offering an optional pub lunch, although some walks require a packed lunch and will continue after the lunch break. It is advisable to check the lunch arrangements with the leader a few days prior to the walk.

Most Wednesday walks will finish around lunchtime, but the latest return time to Nuneaton is late afternoon, giving sufficient time for any evening commitments that walkers may have.

Tuesday Walks

Leisurely walks take place on most (but not all) Tuesday afternoons starting around 1.00-1.15pm. Start points will vary. As Tuesday afternoon walks are organised on an informal basis please contact the club for further details.

Friday Evening Walks

During the Summer months additional short walks are organised for some Friday evenings. These are detailed in the programme and usually offer an optional bar meal/drink afterwards. The meeting place for these walks is usually the same as the start of the walk.

Other Mid-Week Walks

On occasions the club will organise walks on Bank and other Public Holidays, in addition there is often a full programme of walks during the period between Christmas and the New Year. These are all detailed in our walks programme.

Basic Club Rules

  • Children are allowed on club walks, but only if accompanied by an adult who will accept full responsibility for them.
  • Dogs are not allowed on walks, due to problems with livestock
  • All passengers should make a contribution towards transport costs, as detailed on the programme.


  • You must comply with the leader's instructions.
  • The leader sets a pace for a reason, taking into consideration the fitness of the group, new members, weather conditions, terrain and distance. You should walk as a group and do not try to increase the pace. You should stay in sight of, and in contact with the leader.
  • If there is no pavement, you should keep to the right-hand side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic. Take extra care and be prepared to walk in single file, especially on narrow roads or in poor light, and keep close to the side of the road. It may be safer to cross the road well before a sharp right-hand bend so that oncoming traffic has a better chance of seeing you. Cross back after the bend. .
  • During a walk, ensure at all times, that the people following you are aware of the route the group have taken, if it changes direction or disappears through a hedge.
  • When unavoidable, climb all gates at the hinged end to avoid straining the frame.
  • When walking through a ploughed or cropped field (including mowing grass) walk in single file behind the leader
  • You must advise the leader if you leave the walk for any reason.
  • Always observe the Country Code
  • Take all litter home with you.